Toro Toro National Park is a protected area in Bolivia at approximately 3-4 hrs. away from Cochabamba. The park has an area of 165,700 km2 and is known to be one of the most beautiful parks in the country. The landscapes are spectacular as you’ll find big diverse fossils, dinosaur tracks and bones, deep canyons, waterfalls and caverns.


Bilingual Guide. Private service.
All entrances and fees. Basic Accomodation and mentioned meals.A




Sunglasses, flashlight with spare batteries, camera, Sun block, walking shoes.

Day 1

Cochabamba, Toro Toro and Footprints of Dinosaurs
Leaving Toro Toro at 7:30 am you will travel by road for about three hours.
Upon arrival, you will have a walk down to the Las Golondrinas waterfall where there are dinosaur footprints in high and low relief.
You can also enjoy the stones and pools of water where it is even possible to have a refreshing bath.
From here you will return to Toro Toro and visit the Pachamama Wasi lithic museum.
Next, you will be taken to the Villa Etelvina hotel where you will stay and have dinner.
Includes: Basic accommodation, lunch and dinner

Day 1

Day 2

City of Itas and Cavern of Umajalanta
Once you have finished your breakfast you will set off to the city Itas.
The city of Itas is a series of rock formations that can be seen ascending to almost 4,000 meters high (13,123 feet), with labyrinths and stone galleries in the form of a Gothic city. You will also appreciate caverns, narrow corridors, stone bridges and rock paintings all connected to each other.
Next, take a trip to the Umajalanta Cavern where you can see stalactites, stalagmites and blind fish.
From here you will return to Toro Toro and Hotel Villa Etelvina
Includes: Basic accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 3

Cerro Huayllas, El Vergel waterfalls and Cochabamba
Today he will visit the hill of Huayllas. This is a famous place, as it contains many traces of different species of dinosaurs.
You will have time to walk, up to three kms, enjoying the Toro Toro canyon.
You will also make a stop at the Hanging Viewpoint from where you can see red-fronted macaws.
From here you will walk down to the El Vergel waterfalls for a refreshing swim. Then he will return to Toro Toro
Then, return to Cochabamba.
Includes: Breakfast and lunch.

Day 3